The Wellspring Cleanse is specifically formulated with only greens and roots to cleanse your body, digestive system and liver. The Wellspring is lower in sugar than the Active and Vital Cleanses as we eliminate all fruits. What is left is a cleanse packed with the phytonutrients, vital enzymes, and antioxidants. All our cleanses work by reducing your body's burden of breaking down the additives, chemicals, stimulants, hormones and pesticides consumed in the standard North American diet. You will feel your body thanking you!

It includes:

  • 4 different green vegetable juices
  • beet juice (Vitality or Vibrance)
  • carrot juice (Cold Buster or Detox)

Juice selections will not necessarily match the photo shown. If you have any preferences or diet restrictions, please indicate them in the comments section when adding the cleanse to your Cart.  

We currently offer a 1-day and a 3-day cleanse on our website. If you would like a 2-day cleanse, please select a quantity of 2 of the 1-day cleanses on checkout. If you would like to do a 4-5-6 or 7-day cleanse, specify the appropriate number of 1 or 3-day cleanses to add up to your desired cleanse length. Due to the 72-hour shelf life of our products, we can only deliver 3 days of juices at one time so we will contact you regarding pick up or delivery arrangements.