Our newest cleanse fuels your body with cell-building magnesium while purging your system of toxins. It incorporates two of our new yellow smoothies along with a selection of raw, organic vegetables – both fresh-pressed and fresh cut. The fluids, fiber, and phytonutrients form one of our most powerful cleanses yet.

It includes:

  • 2 yellow fruit smoothies
  • 3 cold-pressed vegetable juices
  • 1 Vitality salad 

Vegetable juice selections may not match the photo shown. If you have any preferences or diet restrictions, please indicate them in the comments section when adding the cleanse to your Cart.

We currently offer a 1-day and a 3-day cleanse on our website. If you would like a 2-day cleanse, please select a quantity of 2 of the 1-day cleanses on checkout. If you would like to do a 4-5-6 or 7-day cleanse, specify the appropriate number of 1 or 3-day cleanses to add up to your desired cleanse length. Due to the 3-day shelf life of our products, we can only deliver 3 days of juices at one time so we will contact you regarding pick up or delivery arrangements.